Staff Engagement

Your staff are your most valuable asset. Avens will help you meaningfully engage your staff and leverage their insights to optimize your organization. From pulse surveys to deep dive focus groups, we are here to help you deliver timely and actionable results.

Why do employees leave organizations?

Key factors include:

    • Not feeling appreciated or recognized
    • Lack of alignment between individual performance goals and organizational goals
    • Unhealthy workplace culture that does not empower employees to do their best work
    • Failure to support effective communication “bottom-up” to senior leadership
    • Failure of senior leadership to use engagement data to optimize performance

Organizations need to quickly identify these pain points. Staff engagement surveys are an effective way to identify how best to direct limited resources to optimize organizational performance.

Avens offers pulse surveys, staff engagements surveys, and deep dive focus groups.

Pulse Surveys Regularly check-in on all staff across your organization. 

  • Short and quick to complete
  • Focused on one topic per pulse
  • Each pulse can focus on a new topic
  • Track trends over time, without burdening staff
  • And pulses can be targeted to collect timely feedback on special topics

Staff Engagement Surveys Measure engagement across multiple aspects of your organization. 

  • Domains include Leadership, Team Dynamics, Culture of Accountability, and Excellence
  • Extensive question bank available
  • Ability to tailor surveys to your organization’s specific needs
  • Monitor trends in your organization over time

Deep Dive Focus Groups Fully explore staff perspectives on key organizational issues. For example, do a deeper dive on the results of your staff engagement survey. Our facilitators use interactive engagement strategies to draw out staff insights. Using Discourse Analysis we identify data-driven findings for your leadership team to action.

Staff Appreciation One of our most popular products is our Kudos Card survey. This survey allows staff to send words of appreciation (Kudos) to one another. Our clients have noted that this simple act of recognition has been shown to improve morale and performance.

Just for Fun! Our clients come to us for creative ideas to help staff connect and better get to know one another. Facilitating these connections strengthens team dynamics and improves workplace culture.

Let’s face it, sometimes we just need to have a little fun at work.

Replacing a mid-level employee can cost over 20% of their annual salary. Replacing a high-level employee can cost over 200%


Staff Engagement


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