Evaluation is used to learn about and improve organizations and to demonstrate outcomes and impacts.

We have training and experience in various evaluation tools, methods, and approaches. What will best meet your needs depends, in part, on your program stage. Contact us to discuss how our services can meet your needs.

Are you at the program planning or proposal stage?

We can help your team with the following:

Developmental Evaluation

Evaluation Frameworks

Logic Models

Performance Indicators and Outcome Measures

Literature Reviews

Environmental Scans

Public Engagement Surveys

Are you interested in monitoring progress and learning how to improve your program?

We can help your team with the following:

Implementation Evaluation/Fidelity of Implementation Study

Performance Indicators and Outcome Measures

Dashboard Development

Staff Engagement and Pulse Surveys

Do you need evidence of your outcomes and impacts to share with your stakeholders or funders?

We can help your team with the following:

Summative Evaluation

Impact Evaluation

Outcome Evaluation

Economic Evaluation

Cost-Benefit Analysis

“We valued partnering with Avens Evaluation Group for trusted and competent guidance in setting up a foundation for evaluating our organization’s results. With Avens’ assistance we developed a theory of change, a logic model, an evaluation framework, and created appropriate performance measures (with indicators). Working with Dorothy and Louise helped us determine suitable information sources, as well as data collection methods, plus gain insights for our client survey.”

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Do you want to engage stakeholders with your program and data to facilitate the “learning” in monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL)?

We can help your team with the following:

Interactive Evaluation Practice

Staff Engagement Surveys

Stakeholder Surveys

Communication Plans

Targeted Communication Products




Staff Engagement


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