Strategic Planning & Communication

Evaluation involves systematically gathering evidence to understand program characteristics, processes, outcomes, and impacts. It is used to learn about and improve organizations and to demonstrate outcomes and impacts.

Are you looking to (re)focus on what you do, whom you serve, and why you ultimately do what you do?

We can engage your team through facilitated discussions and hands-on activities to:

set common goals for your organization,

identify key stakeholders,

define necessary resources and activities,

assess risks, and

establish measurable outcomes so you can demonstrate your successes 3, 5, 10 years down the road.

Communication is key to all aspects of organizations, including the conduct and use of evaluation. Avens uses the ACE theory for organizational communication to develop communication plans that ensure stakeholders are not only informed, but engaged before, during, and after an evaluation.

We work closely with you to develop communications products targeted to your stakeholders and their needs. Perhaps you require a technical report for your funder, or maybe you need something less conventional to share results with your stakeholders like an impact narrative, infographic, or comic. Although we draw the line at interpretive dances with data!