At Avens, we use the term “assessment” to refer to the methods used to measure, evaluate, and document the current level, or the growth of, knowledge, ability, or position of an individual or group.

We use our expertise in measurement and evaluation to choose, develop, and administer the assessments most useful and appropriate for you. You may use assessments to inform various decisions, including:

Instructional Decisions

where the objective is to improve the performance of an individual or group.

Diagnostic Decisions where the objective is to identify particular deficiencies or errors in one’s performance in order to initiate remedial action.

Selection Decisions where the objective is to admit or reject an applicant based on their performance on a screening test. You may need to make selection decisions in cases where there is a high level of competition or a strict quota.

Placement Decisions  where the objective is to determine at which point in a hierarchy of programs each individual can be best placed.

Classification or Guidance Decisions  where the objective is to place individuals into different kinds of programs, such as different school subjects or job types.

You may also need to use assessments in your organization for Quality Control purposes to assist you in determining the efficacy of a particular person or program, such as the evaluation of education and training programs, accreditation of school programs, or the identification of effective programs or program sites.

You’re the expert in what you do. We’re experts in what we do. We believe the best evaluations will result from linking our expertise with yours.